CH Chemicals have developed a number of speciality chemicals over the years and this number continues to grow. These products are usually based on unique active ingredients that we have been supplied or come across in other chemical sectors and have adapted for use in water treatment applications. The following are a selection of these:

Flushing Aid

Flushing Aid is a product developed over a number of years specifically for the dispersal of metal corrosion deposits particularly magnetite. In many instances, when poor treatment has led to the build up of corrosion deposits in a closed system, dynamic flushing is the only option to solve the problem. Flushing Aid rapidly disrupts and disperses the corrosion deposits of most metals increasing the deposit removal and reducing flushing times required. This can be particularly important where flow rates through the system cannot be adequately increased for operating considerations.


Biotabs are an easy to use, log lasting treatment for the control of bacteria, odours, sludge and blockages in water systems. The tablets are a blend of biocidal agent and dispersant that are non hazardous, safe to use, non corrosive and, as they are totallly soluble, leave no residues. Being in tablet form, addition to any open system is simple and the tablets can be dosed proportionally to the volume being treated.


Spagest/Spacide is a dual component treatment pack for the cleaning and disinfection of the pump,filtration and pipework system of commercial spa pools. Grease and fats from pool users can cause blockages and provide nutrients for bacteria leading to pump failures. The consequent habitat provided for bacterial proliferation can lead to increased health risks for the pool users. The active ingredients of Spagest/Spacide have been specifically blended to remove these unique deposits and kill any bacteria.

Please contact us with any specific requirements for speciality chemicals that you may have.